Monday, March 16, 2009

Gamesmaster G-9

Oh, my dear Master Basu! Please do not come closer!
Oh, my dear Master Basu! Please do not come.
Oh, my dear Master Basu! Please! Do not!
Oh! My dear Master Basu. Please do.
Oh! My dear Master Basu -- please!
Oh, my dear Master Basu!
Oh, my dear master!
Oh, my dear.
Oh, my!

- Gamesmaster

This originally appeared in 55 Word Fiction. Gamesmaster lives in Chicago.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Taylor's father never missed a game in ten years' time.
He sat on the fourth row, eight seats down.
One year he almost caught a foul ball.
It bounced near them to the right.
Taylor would've loved to get it.
He never had a chance.
Sitting alone he remembers.
One seat's empty.
Dad left.

- Bill Turner

This originally appeared in Per Contra. Bill Turner is a fiction writer and stage playwright whose works have appeared extensively in the web.